Harmony Patch

Aussies for Sale

Bear and Callie 

We have 3 puppies from Bear and Callie's litter, born April 11, 2019. 

They are available now!

Their tails have been docked, dew claws removed, shots and wormer will be given at appropriate times and kept current.

We are trying the rules of 7 training method with this litter.  They adapt well to different surfaces and they don't panic when they are alone.  They have been exposed to several different noises and they are friendly when meeting new people.

They will officially walk on a leash!

Next up learning to sit!

You should follow up with some basic obedience training when you take them home.

Male Red Tri

First up is a red tri male. Beau is very curious and loves attention.  He is the first one out of the barn to greet me in the morning and he is always ready for adventure! He has been introduced to goats and chickens and is showing a natural herding instinct.  He walks well on his leash and loves to run with you.


Female Black Tri

Bella is a friendly, loving puppy. She loves to cuddle and would be a great best friend for a child. She doesn't get too excited and is usually content to relax until you want to play. She sticks right by your side and will follow you anywhere!

$500.00  PENDING

Female Red Merle

Scarlett is one of the happiest puppies I've ever seen!  She is ready for anything-- cuddles and slow time or rambunctious playtime.  She is naturally curious and loves to explore!