Harmony Patch

Callie and Baxter had 5 puppies - 3 boys with natural bobtails!

Apollo  natural bobtail!
Apollo natural bobtail!

Apollo is still available!

Apollo is my favorite so far!  He has a beautiful dark blue merle coat and he was born with a natural bobtail!  He is available with unlimited breeding registration for $700 or for limited, pet only registration for $600!
Griffin Red Tri Cryptic Merle
Griffin Red Tri Cryptic Merle


Griffin appears to simply be a red tri, however, he is in fact a cryptic merle.  Look closely and you can see some small merle patches. He was also born with a natural bobtail! Griffin is available with full breeding rights for $600 or with pet only registration papers for $500.

Large mini or small standard size when grown!

Baxter is a larger Mini -- he weighs about 30 pounds and he is 16 inches tall. Callie is barely a standard -- she weighs about 40 pounds and she is 18 inches tall!

Hera has a new name:  ZOLA!

She has been RESERVED!

Athena's new name is Jordy!

Jordy is RESERVED!



Centaur will be raised with Sunny from Meadow and Sarge!

Check back for more pics later!

Merles and bobtails!

Please remember that you should NOT breed a merle to a merle or a natural bobtailed to a natural bobtailed dog.