Harmony Patch

Australian Shepherds

            Our Wiggle Bottoms

 We traveled all over the state of Tennessee and into Kentucky to find our quality puppies.  Our mission is to raise quality Australian Shepherds that can compete in agility, herding, or showing.  We have three champion bloodlines and are looking forward to raising some beautiful puppies next year!! We are having lots of fun training right now.  
Sarge waiting to jump in the pond!
Sarge waiting to jump in the pond!

Sargeant Dollar of Harmony Patch

Sarge is a red tri with wonderful conformation.  He is very lively and extremely intelligent. Even though he is two years old, he is still a puppy at heart.  He loves to play with a ball, though they don't last long!  His favorite toy is an oinking pig and he LOVES the water! He loves attention and always alerts us to company.

Blue Meadow of Harmony Patch

This was our first female Aussie.  Isn't she beautiful?  She is still the best behaved dog we have!  She loves attention but she listens first.  She is an attentive mama dog and has raised some pretty puppies!  She likes her ears scratched and she is our only dog that does not like water! While the others go for a dip, she sits on the shore!

Callie Rose of Harmony Patch

Callie is the most unusual dog I have ever been around.  She stays inside our perimeter fence, yet she easily jumps all of our divider fences.  She takes great care of her puppies and Meadows too when she can.  When we give her a treat, she either buries it or takes it to the puppy pen.  She loves belly rubs and likes to help round up the baby goats!   

Harmony Patch Corporal Ted E. Bear

Bear is a lively fluff ball!  He loves to please and learns quickly!

He doesn't like to play ball but he's all in for a dip in the water and a game of chase!  He is learning to run our Agility course too!

Harmony Patch Private Baxter Jones


Baxter is our first male Mini Aussie!
He is full of energy and weighs in at a whopping  30lbs!!
He likes to run, loves to cuddle and will curl up in your lap for ear rubs and chin scratches.