Harmony Patch

Harmony Patch


Why are you raising Aussies?

We love our Aussies!

We are still learning with our Aussies, but this is how we got here.  

When we first began raising goats we realized that we needed something to be with the goats on a day to day basis that could help run predators away.  We have lots of coyotes in our area, as well as some bears and even some mountain lions.  We started off with a Great Pyrenees and an Anatolian Shepherd.  These are both large dogs the Great Pyrenees weighs about 90 pounds and the Anatolian weighs around 120.  They were both excellent guardian dogs and while they were small our children loved them.  However, when a dog that weighs 120 pounds is on a leash being held by a child that weighs around 55 pounds and she sees something interesting, the child gets pulled over and the dog doesn't even realize what she has done.  So we decided that we needed to look for a smaller breed of dog.  We found that Aussies are smart, energetic, and kid friendly.  They have a natural herding instinct and they learn fast.  We wanted a dog that could be trusted with our animals and our children could play and train them without being bowled over.  We found Sarge first and we fell in love with the breed! Sarge belongs to our son and each daughter decided she wanted one of her own, then my husband decided he needed his own as well!  That's how much we love this breed!  They are loyal, friendly, energetic, and all around perfect.  They come in many sizes (we raise standards and minis) and have beautiful colors!

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