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Harmony Patch


Sales Policy for Nigerian Dwarfs

I do take reservations for kids.  Let me know what you are looking for and I will contact you when it becomes available.  When a kid is born I contact the first person on the list, if they pass, I move onto the next person.  If no deposit is received within 5 business days via mail or 3 days via PayPal, the kid will be listed to the general public.  The first person to send a deposit, gets the kid.  I reserve the right to cancel any reservation.  However, if I do so, your deposit will be refunded unless cancelled for non pick-up.  All sales are final.

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.  Deposits may be made by PayPal or by check.  Final payments must be made by PayPal or cash unless a check can be deposited 2 weeks prior to pick up.  Full payment must be cleared before a goat may leave our farm.

All transportation arrangements and fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
Once a kid has been cleared for pick-up, the buyer has three weeks to do so.  After three weeks there will be a boarding fee of $3.00 per day.  If the kid has not been picked-up after six weeks, it will no longer be considered reserved and will be relisted for sale.

Kids will be disbudded (unless paid for in full by 4 days old) and in good health before leaving Harmony Patch.  The buyer or their representative is responsible for checking a goat for signs of illness or injury before they leave the property.  Once the goat leaves my property, I can not be responsible for the health or development of that goat.  
"By entering into purchase you have agreed to the terms of this sales policy"

Banding Bucklings

If you would like your buckling banded, we will do so AFTER the testicles drop enough to ensure they can be placed inside the band.  We will not use a Burdizzo clamping tool.  We feel that this method is simply unreliable.  

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