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Harmony Patch


About Us


My name is Mandi Goad.  My family and I live in the Honey Creek community in Allardt, TN.  

We are a Christian, homeschooling family. We operate a small farm, where we raise Australian Shepherds and Nigerian Dwarfs.

Our dogs are all registered with both AKC and ASCA.  We start working with them from day 1!  Our goal is to raise well adjusted, intelligent puppies, that can compete in your favorite sport, do farm work, or simply be a child's best friend.   

All of our goats are ADGA registered.   Our goal is to raise quality milk goats with excellent conformation.  Our goats will walk on a lead and they are handled daily -- even the bucks!

We also make goat's milk soap with the milk from our herd and my artistic daughters have some creations of their own that they sell.  Soon you will be able to check out our soaps and more pages for more info.

Harmony Patch Farm