Harmony Patch

Harmony Patch


Mini Nubian & Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats 


This is Kibi.  Kibi is the Mini Nubian that is responsible for our change.  She is sweet, yet cantankerous.  She always leaves me laughing and she gives me 2.5 pounds of milk each morning, while nursing her twins throughout the day.  The only fault Kibi has is that she has horns.  I don't care for horns and that is the only reason that we will be moving her on to greener pastures in the spring/summer of 2025 after her next kidding.


Yogurt is a First Generation Mini Nubian.  She is only 10 months old right now.  We do plan to breed her in the spring to Possum.  He is our black Nigerian Dwarf with lots of moon-spots.  She is friendly and loves to get a treat!


Kiwi is also a first generation Mini Nubian.  She came from the same farm as Yogurt but she is only 4 months old.  It will likely be next fall before we breed her.  She is friendly but she relies on Yogurt to approve of her visitors.  If Yogurt doesn't like you, then you'll be hard-pressed to catch Kiwi.  


Chili is a standard Nubian.  When we were looking for our mini's, it was difficult to find true mini Nubian's.  Most in our area were mixed with either Kiko or Boer goats and I didn't want that.  We decided to get a standard and breed her with our Nigerian buck, Possum.  I am excited to see what they produce next year!


Wafer is one of the twins from Kibi and JJ.  He has his dam's coloring and those adorable floppy ears.  He loves to be the center of attention and he was super easy to learn to lead. 

Awesome Possum

Possum is the only registered Nigerian Dwarf that we kept.  He is from my youngest daughter's favorite doe and one of my favorite bucks.  We love his moon-spots but he has the best personality of most any buck you'll find.

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