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Aussie Sales Policy & Contract

Sales Policy


I do take reservations for puppies.  Let me know what you are looking for and I will contact you when a puppy with that criteria becomes available.  When a puppy is born I will contact the first person on the list, if they pass, I move onto the next person.  If no deposit is received within 5 business days via mail or 3 days via PayPal, the puppy will be listed to the general public.  The first person to send a deposit, gets the puppy.  I reserve the right to cancel any reservation.  However, if I do so, your deposit will be refunded unless cancelled for non pick-up.  

All sales are final.


Deposits may be made by Venmo, PayPal or cash.  Payments are accepted on puppies before they leave our farm, however, no money will be refunded due to the buyer ending the puppy agreement.  Full payment must be cleared before a puppy may leave our farm.  

All transportation arrangements and fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Puppies will not be cleared for pick-up until they are weaned.  We do not sell bottle puppies.  

Once a puppy has been cleared for pick-up, the buyer has three weeks to do so.  After three weeks there will be a boarding fee of $3.00 per day.  If the puppy has not been picked up after six weeks, it will no longer be considered reserved and will be relisted for sale and any deposit or payment will be forfeited.

All puppies will have their tails docked, dew claws removed, shots and worming up to date, and be in good health before leaving our farm.  The buyer or their representative is responsible for checking a puppy for any signs of illness or injury before leaving the property.  Once the puppy leaves my property, I can not be responsible for the health or development of that puppy.  

"By entering into purchase you have agreed to the terms of this sales policy"

*I will attempt to make contact three times via the method provided by the potential buyer.

Harmony Patch Puppy Contract

Seller and Buyer agree that the puppy described in the attached Bill of Sale #____________________ is a purebred Australian Shepherd.

The kennel prefix “Harmony Patch” must be used as the first words of the registered name of the puppy. 

The Buyer has 72 hours, or 3 days, from the time the puppy leaves Harmony Patch to have a licensed veterinarian perform a vet check on the puppy.  Minor treatable issues such as, but not limited to, parasites, coccidiosis, and diarrhea are common issues in puppies, especially under stress of a new environment.  These minor treatable issues are not covered by this warranty, even though every effort is made to prevent them. 

If the puppy does not pass the buyers vet check performed by a licensed veterinarian, the buyer needs to contact the seller immediately within 24 hours of the exam.   The buyer must also supply the seller with a signed statement of health from the licensed veterinarian as well as a contact number for the veterinarian.  If Buyer fails to have a vet check completed within the 72 hour time frame, the warranty is null and void.

If the puppy is found to have a genetic defect that is verified by a licensed veterinarian, the buyer may return the puppy to the seller at the buyer’s expense.  The buyer will be given a replacement puppy as soon as one becomes available.  (Example:  If the puppy is a red tri male, the buyer will receive a red tri male, not a blue merle female.)  If the buyer decides to keep the puppy, the puppy must be spayed or neutered at the buyer’s expense and the buyer will have the option to purchase another puppy of their choice at $400 off the desired puppies listed price within 3 years.  Under no circumstances will money be refunded.  Additionally, the seller will not be responsible or obligated to pay any veterinary expenses at any time.  This contract is between the seller and buyer signed below.  If the puppy is sold to a third party, this contract is null and void.

This puppy is warranted as being a pet quality puppy.  This does not mean that the puppy is not capable of becoming a show or performance dog.  It simply cannot be determined at such a young age. 

Enclosed in your puppy folder are the following papers:

Ø  A copy of the genetic testing results for each parent and/or grandparent done

Ø  A copy of certified Pedigree for each parent from the American Kennel Club.

Ø  A health record for your puppy that details when any and all medical procedures and medicines and/or treatments were given or performed.

Ø  Registration application for your puppy.

Ø  Detailed info about Bio Sensor Training and the Rules of 7.

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