Harmony Patch

Harmony Patch


Australian Shepherds

            Our Wiggle Bottoms

Our mission is to raise quality Australian Shepherds that can compete in any forum!  Our dogs have been through a basic obedience class and some have earned awards!  They are well-mannered and intelligent and we work and play with them daily. Our breeding dogs have all been tested through Paw Print Genetics and their results are listed next to their pictures below.

HCK'S Molotov Cocktail

Molly is our first high drive stockdog Aussie! 

She is a bundle of energy and already LOVES to circle the goats.  She's only 10 weeks old right now, but she already knows basic commands.  She's a quick learner and I can't wait to see what she does!


Harmony Patch Blue Collar Boy

Blue is destined to be our first working male Aussie.  He is full of energy, loves attention, and he is ALWAYSon the move!

Harmony Patch Midnight Blue

Raven is a young female that I retained from a Nitro and Piper pairing.  She is curious, friendly, & built like her dad with her mom's personality!

She is my velcro Aussie and is always right by my side waiting for a task or an ear scratch.

Spring Creek's Pistol Packin' Piper!

Piper is so friendly and curious!  She has earned her STAR Puppy award and completed basic obedience class through Wildcard Canine in Crossville TN.  She just had her first litter.  She is a wonderful mother and her puppies are all healthy and beautiful.

Her Paw Print results are in and she 100% CLEAR!

Callie Rose of Harmony Patch

Callie is a one-of a-kind dog!  She stays inside our perimeter fence, yet she easily jumps all of our divider fences.  She was an awesome momma to her puppies but her last litter was hard on her so we decided to have her spayed.  She is the best 'aunt' to the puppies here --playing and sharing her treats with them.  Her favorite past time is patrolling the farm followed closely by napping on the front porch or taking a dip in a pool, a stocktank, or anything she can fit into.  She loves belly rubs and likes to help round up the baby goats!     

Spring Creek's Double Shot of Nitro

Nitro is a bundle of energy!  He can bounce up and lick an adult on the nose with no problem.   He lovingly insists on being the center of attention and will climb into your lap (all 60 pounds of him) if given the go ahead!  He still has some filing out to do and I can't wait to see how he tops out!

His parents are both genetically clear and his Paw Print testing confirms that he is 100% clear!

Nitro is living his best life with another family in Clarksville, TN.  

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