Harmony Patch

Harmony Patch


Australian Shepherds

            Our Wiggle Bottoms

Our mission is to raise quality Australian Shepherds that can compete in any forum!  Our dogs have been through a basic obedience class and some have earned awards!  They are well-mannered and intelligent and we work and play with them daily. Our breeding dogs have all been tested through Paw Print Genetics and their results are listed next to their pictures below.



Prime Tyme A Different Shade of Red

Shade is a dilute red tri female.  She loves to be the center of attention but is happy to entertain herself as well.  Nothing seems to phase her.  She climbs, she stands her ground with the mama hens, and holds her own with our older dogs during play time.  I am excited to see how her herding skills develop!

HCK'S Molotov Cocktail

Molly is our first high drive stockdog Aussie! 

She is a bundle of energy and has a strong drive  She's a quick learner and I can't wait to see what she does!  Her favorite place to be is in the training ring or anywhere else there are goats!

Blue is such a sweetheart!

Blue is such a sweetheart!

Harmony Patch Blue Collar Boy

Blue is destined to be our first working male Aussie.  He is full of energy, loves attention, and he is ALWAYS on the move!  He is a thinker and seems to weigh out every action.  He is coming along with his training and I hope to take him to a clinic this fall.

Harmony Patch Midnight Blue

Raven is a young female that I retained from a Nitro and Piper pairing.  She is curious, friendly, & built like her dad with her mom's personality!

She is my velcro Aussie and is always right by my side waiting for a task or an ear scratch.  She is intelligent and loves to please but has absolutely no interest in herding.  She excels in obedience and loves to play with the younger pups.

Callie Rose of Harmony Patch

Callie is a one-of a-kind dog!  She is our senior here at 7 and a half.  She is developing a little arthritis due to climbing fences when she was younger -- a skill she still holds on to.  She spends her days patrolling our farm and investigating all puppy squabbles.  When all is calm, she can be found napping on the front porch or taking a dip in a pool, a stock-tank, or anything she can fit into.  She loves belly rubs and likes to help round up the goats when she can fit it into her schedule.     

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