Harmony Patch

Harmony Patch


Nigerian Dwarf Goats Available

Vista Oaks Rob That Train is available for only $250!

JJ (short for Jesse James) is. 2 year old proven buck. He comes from champion milk lines and passes those beautiful blue eyes down to half of his off spring. He is fully registered with ADGA. 

He is a steal at only $250

Jackson     $125

Jackson is from  JJ (above) and Kibi (our first Mini Nubian).  He is a beautiful full bodied buckling with striking blue eyes.  He has all of the characteristics of a Nigerian Dwarf in a slightly bigger package.  He should bring some great milkers into your line.  His sire will have a *B once ADGA catches up on paperwork and his dam produces 4.5 pounds (slightly over a half gallon) of milk every day.

Popcorn will be available in the summer after she kids.

Popcorn is our last registered Nigerian Dwarf doe.  She is due to kid on June 16th.  she will be available after she kids and her kid or kids will be as well.

She is easy to handle and stands for both machine and hand milking.  

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