Harmony Patch

Harmony Patch


Goat's Milk Soap

100% Goat's milk!

Our soap is made with 100% milk from our very own herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.  We never add water to dilute.  Our bar soap ranges from 3 5 ounces to 4 5 ounces and they are $6 00 per bar when purchased directly from us 

We have several scents available and they do change from time to time.  

As of May 13,2024 we have the following scents available:


Eucalyptus and Spearmint


Frosted Raspberry


Strawberry Delight

Contact us for more information!

Solid lotion bars

Solid lotion bars

Lotion Bars

You no longer need to worry about hand lotion spilling out in your purse.  Our scented solid lotion bars will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.  Simply unscrew the lid and drop the bar into your hands and rub.  The warmth created by your hands will slightly melt the bar and allow you to apply it directly to your skin.  When you're done, simply drop the bar back into the jar, apply the lid, and drop it back into your bag!  

You can take them on a plane, drop them into a saddle bag, a toolbox, or simply tuck them into a pocket!

We have 2 sizes: 0.5 oz bars are $4.00 each 

                             2.0 oz bars are $8.00 each

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